TBT Classic Cocktail #26: Our Top 5 Favorites!


Happy Thursday, everyone!

So far on the blog we have released 25 TBT Classic Cocktail recipes, and so to celebrate passing the quarter-hundred mark, we decided to go back through the list we have cultivated thus far, and countdown our top five favorites–because there are some great ones in there, and we wouldn’t want anything to get lost in the shuffle!

Let the countdown begin!

#5: Piña Colada! 


Pineapples and coconuts, a match made in heaven. Our version is true to the original, but adds an extra little kick–because who would we be if we didn’t add an extra kick? We may be marching further away from the summer months, but we say turn up the heat in the house and whip yourself up one of these babies, even if it is snowing outside.

#4: Manhattan! 

photo 4 (89)

A classic Manhattan is nothing more than bitters, vermouth, whiskey, and a cherry. Ours, well, is not. But guess what? It’s better. A little dash of this and that comes together to make a delectable, complex, amazing cocktail. Get one. Right now.

#3: Gary’s Tequila Sunrise!


One of the first cocktails we ever learned how to make, this is a Woman At The Bar family recipe and a favorite with our friends. If it is not already one of your favorites, well, check yourself before you reck yourself.

#2: The (New) Old Fashioned!

photo 2 (46)

One of the all-time classics. We spent hours and hours of painstaking trial and (delicious) taste testing to bring you the best of the best in Old Fashioneds, and we are pretty confident that we succeeded.

#1: The Woman At The Bar Mai Tai!

photo 5 (91)

And finally, the pièce de résistance, our magnum opus, the Mai Tai! Like most tiki drinks, mai tais can vary dramatically from bartender to bartender, but we would challenge anyone to a head to head with this recipe. We swapped out some of the simple, traditional ingredients for a boozier, more flavorful creation, and DAMN if it is not a winner. We generally don’t like to toot our own horns (except for today’s blog post, it seems…) but honestly? We are ridiculously proud of this drink. We know you are going to love it — so go get yourself one, okay?

And that’s it! Our top 5 from the first 25! Here’s to 50, everyone!



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