Friday Liquor Spotlight #26: Woodford Reserve!


Happy Friday, everyone!

Okay, no one panic. Yes, today’s liquor spotlight is about bourbon. And yes, it is bourbon that is not our beloved Bulleit. But don’t worry, we have not forsaken our other love, we simply want to expand our collective bourbon-verse and let you guys in on another great (if not slightly more expensive) option, should you be in need of some additional bourbon in your life.

So lets talk about Woodford Reserve!

First things first, Woodford Reserve is the more expensive option for good-bourbon-that-you-would-feel-confident-serving-to-your-boss-without-spending-an-arm-and-a-leg-to-purchase.

That said, it is not hugely expensive–a bottle will run you about $38. Definitely not something that we recommend for every day use, but every once and a while it is a good thing to have on hand.


Woodford Reserve has the honorable distinction of being the oldest operational distillery still operated in Kentucky. The site of Woodford Reserve’s distillery has been operated for the same purpose since 1780, and the actual Woodford Reserve building has been there since 1838. So you’re drinking a bit of history with this stuff!

The key component to the flavor that, in our opinion, sets Woodford apart from bourbon’s that are slightly cheaper is the smooth finish. Even though Woodford Reserve is 90 proof, it is very drinkable — you could absolutely feel confident serving this to someone neat or on the rocks, not just in a cocktail.

That said, adding this into a Manhattan or Old Fashioned makes for a very, very tasty cocktail. You will absolutely be able to taste the difference between a cocktail made with Woodford Reserve and one made with a less expensive bourbon. Again, don’t throw out what you have and buy a crate of this stuff, but purchasing a bottle to use on occasion and  if you ever have fancy company over is a smart plan.

Right now Woodford only produces bourbon, but they are currently aging barrels of rye that should hit shelves next year — so keep an eye out!

It’s Friday, so go celebrate with a Woodford Reserve Manhattan and start your weekend off right!

Cheers, everyone!


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