This is the page where I will aggregate all of the resources I look to when it comes to educating myself on the world of Mixology. This page will be updating frequently, so make sure to check back!

Elemental Mixology

This is a blog run by Andrew Willett, an incredible bartender and mixologist, who just so happens to be the person who first got me in to the mixology world. I took a class he taught and never turned back. His blog is incredible if you are interested in diving into the world of pre-prohibition mixology, learning about the history of various liquors and drink styles, and just generally being schooled by a master.


The Flavor Bible

This is an incredible book that lists the best taste pairings of just about any food/drink/spice imaginable. It is a great help when it comes to cooking, but can also give you a lot of inventive ideas in the world of mixology. I highly recommend picking up a copy.



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