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What is The Woman At The Bar, you say? The Woman At The Bar is a website owned and operated by, you guessed it, a woman who loves a good drink and can mix a cocktail with the best of them. Henceforth she shall be known as KellyAtTheBar. Kelly is a 20-something Los Angeleno, born and raised Californian, feminist, activist, entertainment junky, and most important of all (at least on this website) amateur mixologist. She certainly doesn’t think she is the best bartender in the world, but she can play ball and has been known to whip up some great new recipes. Her skills were gleaned primarily from her Father, a man who has been the designated friends & family bartender for longer than she has been alive. Henceforth HE shall be known as GaryAtTheBar.

After too many months of posting tantalizing pictures of the drinks she makes on Facebook and Instagram, Kelly finally decided it was time to buckle down and actually reveal her secrets to the world. And thus, The Woman At The Bar was born! The site will post recipes, tips and tricks, tool recommendations, liquor recommendations, random musings, and much much more. For now, the general posting schedule will be as follows:

Monday: Monday Funday!

Often the most hated of days, Kelly decided to give you something to look forward to, so from now on Monday will be the day that the brand new Woman At The Bar Original recipe of the week will be posted. These are drinks created out of Kelly’s very own imagination, and when you make them and love them she expects a very big thank you. Don’t make her angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.


Tuesday: Tools & Tricks!

Every Tuesday The Woman At The Bar will post about tricks of the trade — tidbits that will help you take your mixology game from amateur to $5000 a night escort status. We will also post info on some of the more advanced tools that you can use to supplement your bar and make your friends jealous.


Wednesday: Quicky Cocktail!

We all know that Wednesday is Hump Day, and here at The Woman At The Bar we will be celebrating with quicky cocktail recipes. These will be super-easy-to-make drinks, often only with 2 ingredients, that will soothe the mid-week madness.


Thursday: #TBT Traditional Drinks!

Throwback Thursday will take on new meaning here, when we dive deep into the world of classic cocktails to bring you the best recipes for the stalwart staple drinks we all (should) know and love.


Friday: Featured Liquor Spotlight!

Each week we will introduce you to a new brand, a new liqueur, or a new style of liquor that we recommend you add to your collection. All the recommendations are our own — we only wish we were being sponsored…


Saturday & Sunday: Get The Hell Outta Here!

Do you really expect us to post every day?! The Woman needs her rest, people!


There will be other posts throughout the week covering any topic we choose, because this is our site and we can do whatever we want to, damnit!

So there you have it! Once again, welcome to The Woman At The Bar, we are always happy to see you!



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