TBT Classic Cocktail #26: Our Top 5 Favorites!


Happy Thursday, everyone!

So far on the blog we have released 25 TBT Classic Cocktail recipes, and so to celebrate passing the quarter-hundred mark, we decided to go back through the list we have cultivated thus far, and countdown our top five favorites–because there are some great ones in there, and we wouldn’t want anything to get lost in the shuffle!

Let the countdown begin!

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TBT Classic Cocktail #3: The (New) Old Fashioned

photo 1 (46)

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week’s Throwback Thursday Classic Cocktail is just about as classic as you can get: The Old Fashioned.

But don’t let the name fool you! We here at The Woman At The Bar have spent countless hours refining the best of the best version of this delectable little drink, and because we love you so much, we have decided to share our secret recipe with you. Are you ready? No, really, you should probably sit down first. Okay, ready now? Great. Here we go…

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