Tuesday Tools & Tricks #11: More Measurement!


Why hello and happy Tuesday, readers!

We think you all know by now how important measurement is to us.

But even though we preach this gospel as loudly and often as we can, we know some of you are not going to go out and buy a huge set of jiggers and measuring spoons.

So we are giving you another option, because we just love you that much.


As you have probably noticed for the past couple of weeks, we have not been using our regular jiggers. We’ve been out of town without access to our precious, precious bar, and so we have been using what we’ve got.

And that has mean’t using this little darling.

Say hello to the Danesco Multi Level Measuring Jigger.


If you are doing any amount of drink making at home and don’t have a large set of jiggers, do yourself a favor and grab this one.

The jigger itself is 2 1/2 oz in total, but it includes demarkations every 1/2 oz, so you can use it to measure out most of the ingredients in your creations.


It also lists measurements in tablespoons and milliliters, in case that is your thing.



Pretty cool, right?

Now, this is not completely all purpose. It does not include lines for 1/4 oz, 2/3 oz, 1 1/3 oz, which are very commonly used measurements in mixology–but it is definitely a start.

So, for the love of god, go get yourself one, okay?

See you tomorrow, everyone!


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