Tuesday Tools & Tricks #18: WineGlass!

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s tools & tricks article is going high tech! Why, you ask? Because today we are talking about…

(drumroll please)

…an app!

And not just any app. An app that will take you from wine novice to wine¬†aficionado with the click of a button–or a swipe on a touch screen, to be more specific.

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Tuesday Tools & Tricks #16: Ice Bag!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we wanted to let you in on a little product that is extremely useful, extremely cheap(!), extremely portable, and extremely cool all at the same time–are you ready? It’s Ice Bag: a collapsable ice bucket for all of your chilled wine and champagne needs!

It is a ridiculously ingenious product that any wine lover/drinker must own, and the perfect (PERFECT!) addition to any bottle of wine given as a hostess gift.

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Tuesday Tools and Tricks #13: Wine 101!

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Hello and happy Tuesday, readers!

As you have likely gathered at this point, when it comes to alcohol we here at The Woman At The Bar prefer liquor of the hard variety. But on occasion, we do appreciate a nice glass of wine, and so today we thought we would break down some of the basics about wine varietals for you!

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