Tuesday Tools & Tricks #19: Creating Your Own Punch!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For today’s Tools & Tricks we decided to break down the basic recipe for creating your very own original cocktails! Punches, specifically, but we will get into that in a moment.

With these guidelines you will be able to mix and match and cook up some crazy and (hopefully) amazing drinks, all on your own!

And all you need to know is this: 2-1-4-3.

Huh? What? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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TBT Classic Cocktail #5: The Margarita

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It’s May 1st, everyone. That means we are in the final countdown to Cinco De Mayo. And we all know what that means: it’s time to get your margaritas in order.

So! Today we will be giving you our best traditional margarita recipe, as well as an alternative special of our very own so that you have time to prepare yourselves properly for Monday’s festivities. Let’s get down to it, everyone.

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Tuesday Tools & Tricks #3: We Need To Talk…


Hi readers. Welcome to Tuesday’s Tools and Tricks. Could you take a seat? There is something we need to get off our chest.

See, everything has been going so great, you’re so smart and we love spending time with you, but there is this thing…and if we let it continue it may cause this whole relationship to crumble to the ground. But look, we are self-actualized enough to realize that we are not blameless in this, so we want to apologize for our carelessness. Hopefully we can work through this and come out stronger on the other end, okay?

What is it that we are talking about? Well, it’s about this word we all keep throwing around. A word you faithful readers are probably pretty familiar with. It’s “cocktail.” The thing is? WE ARE ALL USING IT WRONG! 

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Monday Funday #2: The Mojave

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Is it really Monday again? Already?! We hope all of your weekends were amazing, dear readers, and welcome back to The Woman At The Bar for our favorite day: Monday Funday!

This is a very special week for us here, as we are celebrating the countdown to Coachella! The annual music festival starts this Friday out in the California desert, and because we are both so excited and so generous, we will be kicking off the week with not one, not two, but THREE Woman At The Bar original recipes–all desert inspired–so even if you can’t be there you can drink like you are. First up: The Mojave!

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TBT Classic Cocktail #1: San Francisco Pisco Punch!

Pisco Punch


Happy Thursday, Woman At The Bar-ers (WATB-ers? Lets start workshopping some new identifiers for our readers, I think…)

Since Twitter officially took over the world with the institution of Throwback Thursday and since The Woman At The Bar is herself a slave to the internet meme zeitgeist, we have decided that our Throwback Thursday will be dedicated to a classic cocktail from the American past. We will work to bring you recipes for the best version of the staples, and introduce you to a few you may not be familiar with!

To kick it off, we are heading back to San Francisco in the 1800s with the San Francisco Pisco Punch. Check it out!

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