TBT Classic Cocktail #13: The Zombie!

photo 3 (7) Happy Throwback Thursday, readers!

In case it has not become clear to you yet, we here at The Woman At The Bar are huge tiki drink fans. But above all the tiki drinks, our favorite is the ominously named and ridiculously delicious Zombie.

And because we love you so much, we decided to stop holding out on you and just give you our recipe already!

You’re welcome.

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Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #7: Pina No-Lada!

photo 2 (94)Like sands through the hourglass, so are the hump days of our lives…

Aka: welcome back to another edition of Hump Day Quickie Cocktails, everyone!

We don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it has been in the 90s here all week (Fahrenheit, that is. Sorry, international readers, celsius is too complicated for us), and so we were inspired to bring you a quickie (and conveniently low-cal!) version of one of the most scrumptious summer drinks there is: the Piña Colada!

So come inside and let us tell you about the wonders of the Piña No-Lada!

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TBT Classic Cocktail #1: San Francisco Pisco Punch!

Pisco Punch


Happy Thursday, Woman At The Bar-ers (WATB-ers? Lets start workshopping some new identifiers for our readers, I think…)

Since Twitter officially took over the world with the institution of Throwback Thursday and since The Woman At The Bar is herself a slave to the internet meme zeitgeist, we have decided that our Throwback Thursday will be dedicated to a classic cocktail from the American past. We will work to bring you recipes for the best version of the staples, and introduce you to a few you may not be familiar with!

To kick it off, we are heading back to San Francisco in the 1800s with the San Francisco Pisco Punch. Check it out!

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