TBT Classic Cocktail #25: The Aviation Cocktail!


Happy Thursday, readers!

Today’s classic cocktail comes to us straight from the nineteen-teens, and trust us that when you taste it you will feel like you are sitting in a horse and buggy, trotting down a dirt road in old New York.

Say hello to the Aviation Cocktail!

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #21: Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur!


Happy Friday, everyone! 

When we started to plan out what we would focus on for this week’s liquor spotlight we initially dismissed Luxardo simply because we assumed we had already covered it in the past. When we discovered upon further investigation that no, we had NOT ever covered the liqueur in-depth we were both shocked and appalled — and we knew that this slight had to be rectified immediately. 

So lets talk about Luxardo, maraschino cherries, and why you shouldn’t have one without the other!

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TBT Classic Cocktail #3: The (New) Old Fashioned

photo 1 (46)

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week’s Throwback Thursday Classic Cocktail is just about as classic as you can get: The Old Fashioned.

But don’t let the name fool you! We here at The Woman At The Bar have spent countless hours refining the best of the best version of this delectable little drink, and because we love you so much, we have decided to share our secret recipe with you. Are you ready? No, really, you should probably sit down first. Okay, ready now? Great. Here we go…

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