Friday Liquor Spotlight #13: St. Germain!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We made it to the last Friday in June, we are about to pass the half-way mark for 2014, and we think that is a reason to celebrate.

So today, we will celebrate with a delicious liqueur whose manufacture involves French men going into the Alps, gathering flowers, and riding a bicycle down the mountain in order to deliver the blossoms to be made into alcohol.

How old timey and fabulous, right? Don’t you just feel like you have been transported into the French version of Heidi?

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #9: Bols Genever!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

For this week’s liquor spotlight, we are going old school. And by “old school” we mean the Netherlands in the 1600s, where a liquor called Genever, which would eventually evolve into gin, was first made. Pretty old school, right?

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #6: 151 Rum

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When we see a “Warning: Flammable” label on a liquor bottle, that is a liquor bottle that we need to own.

Especially if that label happens to come attached to a bottle of rum.

Now, what do you do with rum that is over 75% alcohol by volume that won’t lead to your immanent demise? Take a seat kids, and let us explain.

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #2: Zwack!

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Happy Friday everyone!

In a very And-Now-For-Something-Completely-Different move, we are shifting gears rather dramatically from the desert into the dense Hungarian woods (are there dense woods in Hungary? We think so…) to shine a light on a little known but incredibly powerful liqueur known as Zwack.

We use this stuff a lot in our cocktails (and may just be using it in some original drinks next week…), so come inside and learn a bit about the National Shot of Hungary!

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #1: Falernum!



Happy Friday, everyone! We made it to the first weekend in April, and we here at The Woman At The Bar hope that, wherever you may be, you can celebrate the unrelenting march of time with some nice spring weather!

Every Friday we will be shining a spotlight on a specific liquor that we believe you should try, and there could be no better way to start this series off than with one of our favorites: Falernum!

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