Tuesday Tools & Tricks #25: Make Your Own Flavored Vodka!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Flavored spirits are a rather polarizing force in the world of mixology — some people completely dismiss them, while others (ourselves included) welcome them occasionally for very specific purposes. But in general, flavored vodka (and other flavored spirits) have grown exponentially in popularity over the years, and although there are some good quality brands out there, you will often pay more for the luxury of chemically flavored liquor — when you could be doing it yourself, and often doing it better.

Pencils out everyone, because vodka infusion school is in session!

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #12: Stoli Flavored Vodka!


Happy Friday Everyone!

Flavored vodka. We have a rather mighty love-hate relationship with you. Most brands are far too sweet, and some of the so-called “flavors” are so ridiculous (cake? s’mores??) that we nearly go into rage blackouts when we think about it.

But occasionally, a little flavored vodka can really be delicious–but only if you buy Stoli. All other brands must bow before their greatness.

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Monday Funday #5: Grande Vanilla Latte

photo 5 (32)

It’s Monday, Monday, I-had-to-look-up-the-lyrics-to-this-song-so-I-could-parody-it Monday!

Well, now that that is over, welcome back everyone! We made it to the last Monday in April, are you excited? We know you are.

This week, we created a drink that focuses on one of our favorite things when it comes to drink-making: combining two different base liquors to create one great cocktail! So say hello to our most recent invention: The Grande Vanilla Latte!

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Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #3: Werther’s Original

photo 4 (33)


Happy Hump Day ladies and gents! We’re back again for another edition of Quickie Cocktails, and this week we are taking it back to reminisce about a shared experience we all had during childhood.

We would venture to guess that every single one of you, at one time or another, visited your grandparents’ home, and there, sitting in a dish on the coffee table right next to grandpa’s recliner, was a bowl of Werther’s Original caramels. Are we wrong? Of course we aren’t. Well, the next time you get a hankering for The Good Stuff you need not risk the tooth chipping and choking hazard that comes with those rock hard little devils, but instead can enjoy this baby. Trust us, we know you want to.

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