#TBT Classic Cocktail #9: The Sazerac!

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Hello fine readers!

If you can believe it, or if you can read and saw the title of this post, we are on our ninth throwback thursday here at The Woman At The Bar. Do you believe it? Well, believe it. It’s happening.

And this week, we are going down south and celebrating a town, a culture, and a drink that we absolutely love.

So put on some jazz and start cooking up some jambalaya, because we are about to make the official state drink of Louisiana: The Sazerac!

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #5: The Truth About Absinthe!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

For this week’s liquor spotlight, we decided to delve into the very misunderstood world of absinthe, and clear out some of the rumors that have been haunting this poor little spirit for years.

So, absinthe haters: prepare to have your bubbles burst. And also, to those of you who drink absinthe thinking you are doing something nefarious: yeah…we are equal opportunity bubble bursters here, and we’ve got you covered too.

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