Quick Posting Update! We’re Movin’ On Up!

Hi Guys!

First off, Happy October 1st! Now no one can throw any shade at you if you dress in Halloween-themed regalia 24/7. We put up our Halloween decorations the first week of September, which we realize is slightly aggressive, but the time has really come now!

Okay, back to business. As you may have noticed, there was no post yesterday. Sorry guys!

Here’s the deal: The Woman At The Bar is moving her life from Los Angeles to San Francisco this week, so the regular posting schedule is going to be a bit interrupted. We are hoping to get back to normal sometime around next Wednesday. Hang in there!

But until then, you can always just check out the rest of our delicious drinks — that should be able to tide you over!



Tuesday Tools & Tricks #9: The Only Blender You Should Ever Buy (AKA, The Vitamix!)

photo 5 (62)

Why hello there, readers!

Have you all recovered from your Memorial Day shenanigans?

Well, shape up! We’re here, you’re here, it’s time to get serious.

Today’s Tools & Tricks focuses on one of our Most Favorite Things: The Vitamix.

Because if you want a blender, if you need a blender, this is the only blender to blend with.

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Tuesday Tools & Tricks #8: Gluten-Free Booze!


Welcome back, everyone!

For this week’s Tools & Tricks we wanted to get down and dirty with an issue that is coming up more and more these days: Gluten. So exciting, right?

Well, exciting or not, as more and more people are going gluten-free it has led to a lot of questions about alcohol, gluten, and what is and is not safe to drink if you are leading a gluten-less lifestyle. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so we are here to stop the madness and get down to the truthiest of the truth.

Your gluten-free liquor guidelines await!

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #5: The Truth About Absinthe!

photo 3 (73)


Happy Friday, everyone!

For this week’s liquor spotlight, we decided to delve into the very misunderstood world of absinthe, and clear out some of the rumors that have been haunting this poor little spirit for years.

So, absinthe haters: prepare to have your bubbles burst. And also, to those of you who drink absinthe thinking you are doing something nefarious: yeah…we are equal opportunity bubble bursters here, and we’ve got you covered too.

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