Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #25: The 55th Wing Mule!


Happy Hump Day, readers!

Look, some weeks seem longer than others, we get it. Trust us, we get it. But never fear, because we have made it to the mid-way mark of the week, and we here at The Woman At The Bar know what an accomplishment that can be — and we think it is deserving of a drink.

This week’s quickie cocktail comes to us from a rather unconventional location, but hey, good ideas can come from odd places sometimes, so we are running with it.

Because Bulleit Bourbon + Ginger Beer + Lime = a deliciously wonderful idea.

Truth time: sometimes there really is nothing on TV, and sometimes that means you end up watching the Spike TV Network because they are running a program about bars. We are not proud of it, but it happens.

Fortunately for us, and you, a recent trip down the dark, human growth hormone injected black hole that is Spike TV actually garnered a positive result. We happened to catch the description of a new take on the Moscow Mule that swapped out the vodka for our beloved Bulleit bourbon, and damn if it was not delectable!

Say hello to the 55th Wing Mule, everyone!

All you need for the quickie cocktail is:

  • 2 oz Bulleit bourbon (accept no substitutes)
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • approx 4-6 oz ginger beer (not ginger ale)

Simply fill your glass with ice, and then add in your 2 oz of Bulleit.


Add in your 1/2 oz of lime juice.


And top the whole thing off with some ginger beer!


Give it a quick stir, and you are ready to go!


The drink is reminiscent of the traditional whiskey + ginger, but with more spice, and a refreshing citrus kick. Absolutely perfect, absolutely delicious.

So treat yo selves this Wednesday, people. You deserve it!


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