Tuesday Tools & Tricks #24: Go Watch ‘Hey Bartender’!


Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

We love making cocktails, but we also love watching movies. And when a movie shows up inside the magical world of Netflix that somehow manages to combine our love of cocktails AND our love of documentaries, well that is something we have to share. 

So let’s talk about Hey Bartender

The film, which recently made its way to Netflix, is a documentary following two bartenders working in radically different circumstances, but both of whom are incredibly dedicated to their craft. One is an up and coming bartender at one of New York City’s trendiest craft cocktail bars, and the other owns and manages a down-home bar in a small New England town. 


As you follow both of their stories, you also get a great deal of background about the history of mixology and bar tending in the United States, as well as an in-depth look at the high-end bar tending scene today. We know that may sound dry to some of you (although, if you have been reading this blog, we doubt it), but trust us, the history of cocktail making in the United States is truly a fascinating one, and the landscape of bar tending today is equally as interesting. 

In the last few years we have really reached a peak in cultural interest and revitalization of the craft cocktail, and the documentary includes interviews and recipes from some of the most well known bar tenders working today. 


Truth time: often, when we tell people what we do, and how much we care about making great cocktails, they tend to think it is just a coverup to mask our desire to drink with absolute abandon. And although we can certainly be ones for a little abandon at times, we really do love delving into the history of drink-making and care deeply about creating quality cocktails for ourselves and all of you. This film does a great job at giving even the most novice home bar tender or casual drinker a look inside the culture of bar tending, and the deep roots that we are all pulling from to do what it is that we do. 

It is a fascinating, inspiring, and uplifting documentary — and one that we highly encourage you to watch immediately. That, dear readers, is our tip of the day. 

Go make yourself a cocktail and watch this film, we promise you won’t regret it! 



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