Friday Liquor Spotlight #23: Chopin Potato Vodka!


Happy Friday, everyone! 

We’ve made it through another week! The weekend is upon us, and that means it is time for another liquor spotlight! This week’s spotlight is about our favorite vodka…made from potatoes! 

What’s that now? Vodka made from potatoes? Why yes, yes indeed! 

Let’s talk about Chopin Potato Vodka, readers! 

In general, we tend to have a rather neutral feeling about vodka — it is a relatively flavorless spirit, and not one that we would ever choose to drink without some serious accouterments. That said, it is our firm belief that of the relatively economically priced vodkas, there is no other choice but Chopin.


Unlike most traditional vodka which is made from grain, Chopin is distilled from potatoes (they offer a grain vodka as well, but that is neither here nor there). 

Chopin (yes, named after that Chopin) is a Polish small-batch vodka, made using only one ingredient (in this case, potatoes) in a traditional pot still. Because of this, the vodka comes out incredibly pure, very smooth, and infinitely easy to drink. 

Importantly for our purposes, we also think it makes a great cocktail, by having a crisp, clean flavor that does not muddle the overall flavor of the drink. 


Chopin is getting more and more popular and widely distributed all the time, which means that bottle prices have come down a bit (a bottle will run you about $25), and that you should be able to easily find it at your local liquor store — or even at the grocery store, if you live in a state that allows such wild nonsense. 

We highly recommend grabbing a bottle, and then using it to make some of these recipes: 

The Classic Martini 

Citrus Spritz 

Summer Nights

Have a great weekend everyone, and we will see you back here on Monday! 





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