TBT Classic Cocktail #23: The Salty Dog!


Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! 

In a very “and now for something completely different” move, we are pulling out a super simple and super savory classic cocktail for this week’s TBT: The Salty Dog! 

The Salty Dog is actually a variation on another drink, The Greyhound, but like the name implies — it includes a salty addition! Both drinks can be made with either vodka or gin, but we prefer the gin variation and will be focusing on that one only. The history of both drinks is murky, with some believing that The Greyhound was a common prohibition drink served in speakeasies, but other historians saying it was created later in the 1950s or 60s. Either way, we love it. 

This drink is incredibly simple and delicious, but you should be warned that it is a tarte, salty, stiff drink. No sugar to be found. 

For the Salty Dog, you will need: 

  • 2 oz gin 
  • approx. 4 oz grapefruit juice 
  • salt, for glass rim 
  • lime wedge, for garnish

Gather your ingredients, plus your jiggers, serving glass, and bar spoon.

First, rim your glass with the salt. To do this, use your lime wedge to wet the rim of the glass, and then carefully circle your glass in salt poured on a small plate or bowl. Set it aside. 




Now make your grapefruit juice. As always, we highly recommend using fresh juice, squeezed right before you make your drink. 


Now add ice to your glass (we used a single king cube in ours, but smaller ice is a-okay as well) 


Now carefully (so you don’t mess up your rim) measure out your gin and pour it in there. 

Top it off with your grapefruit juice!

Give the whole thing a quick stir to combine, and add your lime wedge.


And boom! You are ready to go! 


Cheers, everyone! 


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