Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #23: The Bellini!


Happy Hump Day, readers! 

We are officially at the end of summer, which means we are about to say goodbye to shorts, swimsuits, AND summer fruit. So we decided to take this opportunity to give you our recipe for the classic Bellini so you can get the peach goodness in now before they’re gone! 

Bellini’s are classic brunch cocktails, but it is unfair to relegate them to Sunday afternoons. These babies are delicious and should be enjoyed at all times of day — rules of brunch be damned! 

(we take that back, we do not want to damn brunch. we love brunch.) 

But anyhoo…

Traditionally, Bellini’s are simply made with peach puree and prosecco, but we like to add a little something extra to give it a bit more umph. 

So, for The Woman At The Bar Bellini, you will need: 

  • Prosecco 
  • 3/4 oz peach liqueur (Creme De Peche preferred) 
  • 3/4 oz fresh peach puree 
  • peach slice, for garnish 

This quickie cocktail has one extra step than normal (you’ve gotta make your peach puree), so if you are in a bind and want to skip something, we suppose you can purchase pre-made peach puree. But honestly? Don’t. 

To make the peach puree, just cut a couple large peach slices, remove the skin, and chop them into small pieces.


Then place those pieces into a bar glass, and use your muddler to thoroughly mash the peaches into a puree! See, easy as pie! 


Spoon a bit of the puree into your glass. Since this is a quickie cocktail you can guesstimate on your measurements.


Now add a bit of your peach liqueur. This just adds a bit of an extra kick to the drink — and come on, we all want that! 



Now top the whole thing off with your prosecco! 


Add your peach slice garnish, and you are ready for some anytime brunch drinking! 


Cheers, everyone!


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