Friday Liquor Spotlight #22: Recapping Our Favorite Liqueurs!

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Happy Labor Day Friday, everyone! 

To start this special holiday weekend off, we are going to recap the coverage we have done on our favorite liqueurs, and give you a handy dandy list ranked in order of importance so you can prioritize your home bar purchases! 

We are so helpful, aren’t we? 

From most essential to still-essential-if-you-really-want-to-make-great-drinks-but-we-will-understand-if-you-don’t-invest-right-away, our five favorite liqueurs from our home bar are: 

#1: Curacao & Triple Sec


The orange liqueurs! These are absolutely essential for everything for some of the most basic and widely made drinks, including margaritas, mai tais, planters punches, daiquiris, tequila sunrises and more. If you are making drinks at home, you must own these. End of story. 

#2: Falernum! 


Our all-time favorite liqueur, and one that can be dropped into almost anything to make it delicious. We challenge you to test out these recipes of ours and then try to claim it is not the most delicious thing on planet earth. 

#3: Coconut Liqueur

photo 3 (93)

We have said it before and we will say it again: do not judge us on this before you try it. Yes, this is made by the Malibu rum people, and yes it has gotten a bad rap because of its supposed college frat party associations, but honestly? This stuff is divine. Our go-to quickie cocktail, The Toasted Coconut, is made with this nectar, and no Piña Colada is complete without it. Grab a bottle. 

#4: Luxardo Maraschino


We will let you in on a not-so-secret secret: our trick for making our Manhattan’s and Old Fashioned’s better than the rest of the world’s (sorry world) is with a dash of this stuff. It brings a hint of the flavor of your cherry garnish into the drink itself, and gives depth to lots of traditional drinks. 

#5: St. Germain! 

photo 2 (8)

First off, it comes in a gorgeous bottle that looks great sitting on a counter top. Second, it is the quickest way to create a super fancy and super delicious champagne cocktail with almost zero effort. Throw a splash of this into your champagne and you. are. set. 


So there you have it! Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone! Let’s send this summer off with a bang! 

But worry not, we will still be back on Monday with a new original cocktail, because we love you that much! 



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