Tuesday Tools & Tricks #22: Buying Glassware!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

We thought we would take a little time today to give you a list of our favorite places to buy stemware and bar glasses — without breaking the bank.

If you aren’t careful, making the jump from “I will pour this glass of wine into a plastic cup to drink, because I don’t care” to “Hey, maybe I should actually have glasses made of glass” can really cost you. The fact is though, it doesn’t have to. 

Here’s the rub: it is certainly the case that there are fancy stemware and bar glasses out there that would allow you to brag to guests about your hand-cut glasses and crystal tumblers, but if that isn’t the biggest waste of money out there, we don’t know what is. It is also true that there are supposedly economical big box stores (*cough* Target *cough*) who you would think carry affordable glassware but are actually gouging you on the price. It is our opinion that as long as you are using the proper size and style of glass (and as long as it is actually made out of glass), a glass is just a glass. The money you spend on making cocktails at home should be spent on the liquor you put in the glasses, not the glasses themselves. 

And so, below is the list of places we have found to be the best options to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to stocking your glassware. 

1) BevMo. 

Absolutely the cheapest, and they tend to have more specialty glasses (like margarita and hurricanes) than other stores. You can buy glasses individually, so you don’t get suckered into a 20-piece set you don’t need, and each glass tends to live in the $2-4 range. The glasses themselves tend to be good quality and made from heavy glass, so this is always our #1 go-to when we are in need. 


2) Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Like BevMo, you can purchase glasses individually here, which is always a plus. They tend to be slightly (but not significantly) more expensive than BevMo, but they do tend to have an enormous selection, so if you are looking for more trendy or unique glasses, this is your best bet. 


3) Macy’s.

This is the only place on the list where you are likely going to have to buy things in sets, but we are including them because Macy’s tends to stock good quality products and, importantly, they have really great sales in the home sections almost every day. Walk in on any given day and you have a pretty good chance of finding items for 40% off, and if you are in need of larger quantities of wine glasses and don’t want to risk BevMo or B,B&B not having the number you need, Macy’s is a solid choice. 


So there you have it! A quick and easy guide to upgrading your glassware — or just a push to toss your Solo cups and enter the world of adult glass responsibility. 



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