Friday Liquor Spotlight #18: Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Happy Friday, everyone!

This is a momentous day here at The Woman At The Bar, do you know why?

(drumroll please)

Today is our 100th blog post!!!!!

Can you believe it? It feels like we just started this grand experiment, and yet here we are. So we have decided to celebrate in style. That’s right, we are pulling out all the stops and diving into some Johnnie Walker Blue Label!

We’ll be honest, we are not huge Scotch drinkers–but when we do decide to go for it, we tend to go all or nothing. And Johnnie Walker Blue? That is an all or nothing sort of decision.

Without question this is the most expensive liquor we have ever featured on the blog (clocking in at about $200-300 per bottle), but if you’ve got the means and a reason, damn is it good stuff.

For the uninitiated, Scotch is a very specific type of whiskey produced in, you guessed it, Scotland. Characterized by a smokey, intense flavor, scotch made its first appearance in the history books in the late 1400s. It is also highly regulated, and the production of Scotch is monitored closely in order to ensure that what is made follows the strict rules set forth in the official Scotch Whiskey Regulations.

There are 5 different varieties of Scotch: single malt (meaning that the scotch was made at one distillery using only water and malted barley), single grain (made at one distillery, but includes other whole grains in addition to malted barley and water), blended malt (made from one or more single malts from different distilleries), blended grain (made from one or more single grains from different distilleries), and blended scotch whiskey (a mix of single malts with single grains).

Johnnie Walker is arguably the most recognized brand of Scotch in the world, and is the most highly distributed. They make multiple different Scotches, but all are the blended scotch whiskey variety.

But the piece de resistance is Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


Known commonly as Johnnie Walker Blue, it is the brand’s premium product; each bottle is numbered and sold in a silk-lined box. Although there is no official “age statement” for the Blue Label (meaning the number of years that it was aged is not listed), the blend is made to recreate the flavor and presentation of whiskey blends from the 1900s.


And christ almighty is it delicious.

This is not something to go grab for the hell of it on a weekend–it needs to be savored and enjoyed on only the most special of occasions.


And for us, reaching 100 posts is certainly a special occasion!

So if you will excuse us, we are going to go find a wood-paneled library with a fireplace and leather couches to sit in while we enjoy some celebratory Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and we will see you back here on Monday!

Cheers, and here is to the next 100!



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