Tuesday Tools & Tricks #16: Ice Bag!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we wanted to let you in on a little product that is extremely useful, extremely cheap(!), extremely portable, and extremely cool all at the same time–are you ready? It’s Ice Bag: a collapsable ice bucket for all of your chilled wine and champagne needs!

It is a ridiculously ingenious product that any wine lover/drinker must own, and the perfect (PERFECT!) addition to any bottle of wine given as a hostess gift.

We’ll be honest with you, before we found out about this product we used to use a small mixing bowl as an ice bucket whenever we needed to keep a bottle of wine chilled. We’re not proud of it! But that has all changed for us, and it is going to change for you to.

This, my friends, is an ice bag:


If you are a child of the 90s and at any time owned a piece of blow-up plastic furniture, this thing is made out of the same stuff.


It looks like a gift/tote bag, but it is made out of super durable plastic, completely leak-proof, and the perfect size for a wine or champagne bottle.

All you do is pour a little ice on the bottom, pop in your bottle of wine, add some cold water and a little more ice, and you are ready to go!



Apparently this thing is super popular in France, and say what you will about them, those Frenchies know their wine.

Like we said up top, this is the perfect little product to add to a bottle of wine being given as a hostess gift, and it is also incredibly easy to store and use for any dinner parties (or just wine drinkin’) you want to do at home!

And for about $8.00, it is really hard to go wrong.

They come in a ton of different colors, and are available on Amazon — so do yourself a favor and go get yourself one!

Now if you will excuse us, we have a bottle of rosé chilling in the other room, and we think it is about time we pour ourselves a glass.


Cheers, everyone!



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