Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #15: The Kir Royale!


Happy Hump Day, readers!

Today is your lucky day, because you are getting a quickie cocktail that just-so-happens to also be a true classic in the world of mixology. Don’t you feel special? Well, you are and you should.

So lets talk about our lovely French friend, the Kir Royale!

The Kir Royale is a traditional French drink, popularized during and immediately following WWII. The Kir Royale is actually one specific version of the larger collection of Kir cocktails, all of which are made with wine and creme de cassis (black current liqueur). The Kir was originally called the Blanc-Cassis, but was renamed after Felix Kir, the mayor of Dijon in the Burgundy region of France, who popularized the drink.

It was first created during World War II in response to the Nazis confiscating all of the red wine in Burgundy. Left with an excess of white wine, those tricky Burgundions (Burgundites?) decided to pour a little creme de cassis into white wine to mimic a drink they had previously made with red. And they got the Kir!


The Kir Royale doesn’t just use any white wine though, this baby uses champagne. And because hump days can be fancy if we want them to be, this is the perfect quickie cocktail to really make you feel like you are in high society.

So, for the Kir Royale, you will need:


  • 1/4-1/2 oz creme de cassis (depending on your preference)
  • Champagne

That is all she wrote, kids.

If you want to get really fancy, you can throw a dark berry in there, but if not, the champagne and creme de cassis are all you need.

We’re giving you the range on the liqueur because if you prefer a sweeter drink you will want closer to 1/2 oz, whereas if you want the flavor of the champagne to only be mildly altered by the sweet liqueur you will only want 1/4 oz.

So, make your decision, measure out your creme de cassis, and pour it directly into your flute.


Now fill up your glass with champagne, and you are ready to go!


Do not stir this drink, it is not meant to be fully integrated. 



Now sit back, relax, imagine you are a member of the royal family vacationing in the French countryside, and let your quickie cocktail cure all your mid-week troubles.


Cheers, everyone!


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