Tuesday Tools & Tricks #14: Tovolo Silicone Ice Cube Trays!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For this tools & tricks we decided to go back to basics and give you guys some info on an amazing (and amazingly simple) product that can really take your drink game up a notch.

It’s all about the ice guys, its all about the ice.

See, the reality is that we should all be using specifically sized ice in our cocktails, not just the ice that you get out of your fridge. We are certainly guilty of taking that quick and easy route, and we are sure you are as well.

But the problem with the standard tablet ice that most refrigerators generate is that it takes up a lot of space given its shape, and it melts very quickly. Both of these are very bad when it comes to making drinks that are on the rocks.

The proper way to remedy this is by making our own cube-shaped ice that is a standard size and melts evenly.

And before you start thinking that there is no way you are going through the process of making ice in ice trays and then having to bang a giant ice brick on your kitchen counters to get the individual cubes out, allow us to calm your fears with the amazing Tovolo Silicone Ice Cube Trays!


The trays are flexible silicone, so you can easily fold them back and remove the ice without breaking it (or your counters, from all the plastic tray banging).

They come in two sizes: perfect cubes and king cubes. For the majority of drinks you just need the perfect cube variety–the king cubes really only work as a decorative cube in a glass of whiskey or scotch.


Best of all, you can get a set of two right now on Amazon for $8! See, we are always on the look out for the best deals for you guys.

We are dedicating ourselves to using them from now on in our drinks, so do yourself a favor and go get some! We promise you will not be disappointed.

Until tomorrow, everyone!


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