Friday Liquor Spotlight #12: Stoli Flavored Vodka!


Happy Friday Everyone!

Flavored vodka. We have a rather mighty love-hate relationship with you. Most brands are far too sweet, and some of the so-called “flavors” are so ridiculous (cake? s’mores??) that we nearly go into rage blackouts when we think about it.

But occasionally, a little flavored vodka can really be delicious–but only if you buy Stoli. All other brands must bow before their greatness.

In the grand scheme, we prefer infusing our own vodka if we need something flavored, but for the day to day (and for certain much-needed flavors) that is not very practical. That is where Stoli comes in.

In general, Stoli is a solid vodka brand, giving you a very good quality spirit without costing an arm and a leg. As the name Stolichnaya likely gave away, the brand is Soviet in origin, but after the USSR fell the international operations of the brand transferred to Luxembourg (where the liquor is distilled) and Latvia (where it is bottled and shipped).

They have managed to create a line of flavored vodkas that still maintain their integrity, and don’t just taste like sugary syrup. Even their newer and slightly more out-there flavors (like Salted Caramel and Chocolate Coconut) are good.



To break it down, this:


Is not this:

Marshmallow, really?

Marshmallow, really?

Stoli’s vanilla vodka is classic, and infinitely better than any of its competitors.

photo 5 (99)

As you have seen, we have used that vodka in a few of our drinks, and we stand firmly behind it. We’ve tested out a few other brands vanilla flavors, and they are all too sweet or too pungent, or too unnatural to give a second thought.

So although we would be a tad concerned if all you drank was flavored vodka, when you need a little something extra for a specific drink or occasion, you can’t go wrong with Stoli.

But if we ever find out any of you are drinking cake-flavored vodka, we will disown you. You have been warned.

Have a great weekend, readers!


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