Friday Liquor Spotlight #7: Malibu Coconut Liqueur

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Don’t laugh. Take a breath, and let your preconceived notions fall away. Yes, we are talking about a Malibu product for this week’s liquor spotlight. And yes, it is “white coconut” flavor. But no, we are not having some breakdown where we revert back into 19 year old college coeds. We are not about to suggest you make jello shots. So sit down, shut up, and pay attention.

Alright. We get it. Malibu is a brand that brings to mind youths, and keggers, and disgustingly flavored “rum.” And although the ‘Bu IS often all of those things, their white coconut liqueur is, actually, quite delicious.

Unlike most Malibu products, this is actually not rum. It is a flavored liqueur distilled from rum, meaning that it is lower in alcohol content and is perfect to use as an accent in drinks.

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We’ve talked about using floats in our drinks before, and that is how we recommend using this velvety goodness. Again, since it is a liqueur, you would never use this as the base alcohol in a drink, but adding a splash on top of a cocktail can be a perfect addition.

It has a very creamy, rich coconut flavor, and in tropical drinks, or drinks using coconut and/or pineapple, it adds an excellent extra little umph.

Try adding a splash to Planters Punch, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Piña No-Lada, or even the Summer Nights — as usual, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Go ahead and try this recipe as well, it is quite delicious!

Go ahead and try this recipe as well, although we would recommend throwing some traditional rum in there as well.

Today’s lesson: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And when you try it and love it, we expect you to eat all of those chuckles and dismissive thoughts you had when you read the title of this article.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and as always, drink responsibly!

Friday, May 16th, 6:37pm ADDENDUM: We just added a float of this deliciousness to a Ginger Snap, and BOY HOWDY is it amazing. Try it, everyone!  



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