Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #6: Cinnamon Red Hot

photo 3 (79)

Hump Day is here again, everyone!

Today we decided to take one of the old standards in the quickie cocktail world, and bump it up a notch. Because when it comes to notches, we always like to bump ’em.

Everyone has heard of a Jack&Coke, and as lovely as that drink can be, it is a tad plain. So, we thought we would take the general principle of whiskey + coke and throw a little sass on it–specifically, a cinnamon flavored sass.

For the Cinnamon Red Hot you will need:

photo 1 (88)

  • 2 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
  • Aprox. 4 oz Coke (or Diet Coke)
  • 1-2 Luxardo Cherries

Before we get started, a note about our liquor of choice: Fireball is a relatively new, but growing more common by the day, flavored whiskey that, in case you missed it from the name of this drink, tastes exactly like an alcoholic Red Hot. The flavor is very powerful, and delicious, but be careful–the stuff is deceptively strong. 

For the drink, gather your ingredients plus your serving glass, jigger, and bar spoon.

First, fill your glass with ice and then measure out your 2 oz of Fireball, and pour that business in there.

photo 4 (73)

Now fill the rest of your glass with your cola of choice.

photo 5 (43)

After you pour your ingredients, make sure to give the drink a good stir. Fireball is a heavy liquor, and tends to sink to the bottom and not mix well without help.

photo 1 (87)

Lastly, add a cherry or two for good measure, because why the hell not?

photo 2 (86)

And there you have it!

Sorry Jack&Coke, but there is a new sheriff in town.





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