Tuesday Tools & Tricks #6: The Ultimate Fruit Press!

photo 4 (72)

Welcome back to another Tuesday here at The Woman At The Bar!

If you have read through any of our recipes, you know that the one thing we are militant about (okay, we are militant about a lot of things, but this one in particular) is using fresh squeezed juices in your drinks. It is absolutely essential. And although we have talked about some of the basic options when it comes to juicers, today we are pulling out the big guns.  We would like to introduce you to The Best of The Best, because that is what you deserve.

Let’s be honest, fresh squeezed juice is amazing, but the major drawback is that YOU have to squeeze the juice! That can be a huge pain in the ass, and especially frustrating when your juice press doesn’t work well and you end up wasting half your fruit because you can’t actually get all of the juice out of it. Well, to that we say: NO MORE!

Feast your eyes on this baby: the Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer.

photo 4 (72)

This bad boy is no joke. Not only does it work for citrus ranging in size from key limes to large oranges, it also exerts over 2000 pounds of pressure to ensure that every. single. drop. of juice is expelled from the fruit. Perfect for making juice for cocktails, or for making large amounts of fresh orange juice just because it is THE BEST.

photo 3 (78)

Better still, the way it is designed means that you never have to worry about exhausting yourself from the amount of force you have to use to squeeze the pieces together–you simply turn the lever to bring the top and bottom of the mechanism together, and with almost no effort at all you’ve got yourself oodles and oodles of fresh citrus-y goodness.

photo 2 (85)

It is also extremely easy to clean–all of the parts that come into contact with the fruit or juice are easily removable, and just need to be wiped down with warm water.

photo 1 (86)

Now here is the only bit of bad news: this thing is not cheap. It will run you about $160, but trust us, it is absolutely worth it. We buy 10 pound bags of oranges at our farmers market every weekend because we have taken to making ourselves fresh squeezed orange juice every morning, mostly because of how easy this baby has made that process.

So, instead of spending money on multiple manual and electric juice presses that you use for different sized fruit or for different occasions, just cut to the chase and go big with this one. You won’t regret it.



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