Monday Funday #6: Gary’s Orangerita

photo 3 (75)

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! We already have you covered with your traditional and spicy margarita needs–but today is a holy day for drinking, so we couldn’t leave you hanging without an original creation to add to your celebratory lists!

So come inside and check out Gary’s Orangerita!

This drink comes straight from the mind of GaryAtTheBar, who broke down the traditional margarita, added in some new elements, and flipped it on its head. It is positively delicious, and a fantastic margarita alternative if you are feeling bored with the old standards. Without further ado, we present the extra special Monday Funday Cinco De Mayo recipe to end all recipes:

photo 4 (71)

  • 1 oz sour mix (equal parts lemon and lime juice)
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz Grand Marnier
  • 2 oz añejo Tequila
  • 2 oz orange juice

Gather all of your ingredients plus your large and small fruit presses, jiggers, cocktail shaker, and serving glass (preferably a martini glass or coupe).

First, prep your juices and garnish. As always, you want to use fresh OJ for this recipe–the store bought stuff has additives, preservatives, and all kinds of other icky stuff that messes with the taste. For garnish you will want to cut a half-wheel of lime.

photo 1 (85)

Now measure out your 1 oz of sour mix, and pour it into the shaker glass.

photo 2 (84)

Next, add in your 1/4 oz simple syrup. It is very important that you don’t go overboard with your sweetener–the Grand Marnier and orange juice will add sweetness to the drink as well, and you don’t want it to be too over the top.

photo 3 (77)

Now add in your 1/2 oz Grand Marnier and 2 oz tequila.

photo 1 (83)

photo 2 (82)









Finally, add in your 2 oz of orange juice.

photo 3 (74)


Now fill your shaker glass 2/3 full of ice, pour in your ingredients, secure the shaker glass, and shake shake shake for approximately 20-30 seconds, or until the entire shaker tin is cold and frosty.

photo 4 (68)

photo 5 (41)









Now strain the drink directly into your cocktail glass. This drink is served up, without ice.

photo 1 (84)

Add your garnish and you are ready to go! A whole new way to look at a margarita, and a wonderful addition to any Cinco De Mayo festivities!

photo 3 (75)

Enjoy it, everyone!


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