Friday Liquor Spotlight #9: Bols Genever!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

For this week’s liquor spotlight, we are going old school. And by “old school” we mean the Netherlands in the 1600s, where a liquor called Genever, which would eventually evolve into gin, was first made. Pretty old school, right?

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#TBT Classic Cocktail #9: The Sazerac!

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Hello fine readers!

If you can believe it, or if you can read and saw the title of this post, we are on our ninth throwback thursday here at The Woman At The Bar. Do you believe it? Well, believe it. It’s happening.

And this week, we are going down south and celebrating a town, a culture, and a drink that we absolutely love.

So put on some jazz and start cooking up some jambalaya, because we are about to make the official state drink of Louisiana: The Sazerac!

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Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #9: Sicily Spritz!

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Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Guys, seriously, we cannot let go of our Averna infatuation. It would be fair to call it an obsession. It may even be fair to call it stalking. Someone may need to call the authorities to report us.

But until that time, we will continue to use it to make deeelicious cocktails, even if they are of the quickie variety!

So lets get down to business before the cops show up and take us in for questioning…

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Tuesday Tools & Tricks #9: The Only Blender You Should Ever Buy (AKA, The Vitamix!)

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Why hello there, readers!

Have you all recovered from your Memorial Day shenanigans?

Well, shape up! We’re here, you’re here, it’s time to get serious.

Today’s Tools & Tricks focuses on one of our Most Favorite Things: The Vitamix.

Because if you want a blender, if you need a blender, this is the only blender to blend with.

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Monday Funday #9: Tequila BBQ!


Happy Memorial Day, readers!

We have a feeling that many of you are celebrating this venerable day with an appropriate amount of day drinking and meat grilling. We support you!

But even with the holiday we are hard at work as usual, bringing you a delicious drink to whip up for your Memorial Day party, and any day of the week after!

So put your thinking cap on and focus up on this recipe–it’s time to get down to business.

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Friday Liquor Spotlight #8: Averna!


Happy Friday, everyone!

So, in yesterday’s Throwback Thursday Classic Cocktail post, we promised you that we would be going in-depth on a specific liqueur in today’s liquor spotlight, and if we are one thing (we are many things), we are people who occasionally live up to promises that we make to others…

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TBT Classic Cocktail #8: The Manhattan!


Why hello there, everyone!

For this weel’s Throwback Thursday Classic Cocktail we are diving deep to bring you a recipe for one of the most beloved cocktails of all : The Manhattan.

Now, although Manhattan recipes are a dime a dozen on the interwebs, we (and by “we” we mean KellyAtTheBar and GaryAtTheBar) have spent hours toiling away with different recipes, tweaking ingredients, and painstakingly taste testing, to make sure we bring you The Best of The Best. It’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it…

So, without further ado, we give you, The Manhattan Recipe To End All Manhattan Recipes!

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Tuesday Tools & Tricks #8: Gluten-Free Booze!


Welcome back, everyone!

For this week’s Tools & Tricks we wanted to get down and dirty with an issue that is coming up more and more these days: Gluten. So exciting, right?

Well, exciting or not, as more and more people are going gluten-free it has led to a lot of questions about alcohol, gluten, and what is and is not safe to drink if you are leading a gluten-less lifestyle. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so we are here to stop the madness and get down to the truthiest of the truth.

Your gluten-free liquor guidelines await!

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Monday Funday #8: Kelly’s Hard Lemonade

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Our other idea for the name of this cocktail was “Alcoholic Lemonade That Does Not Taste Like A Disgusting Sugary Mess Drunk Only By 19 Year Old College Students,” but we decided to go with Kelly’s Hard Lemonade for the sake of brevity.

That’s right everyone, for the eighth installment of Monday Funday Original Cocktails, we have created a delicious, light, thirst-quenching lemonade, that just-so-happens to be chock-full of booze.

We know, you love us.

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