Hump Day Quickie Cocktail #5: The Shirley Temple Black

photo 5 (34)

Hello everyone!

So, last week we went out to dinner with one of our lovely FriendsAtTheBar, and whilst there we were issued a challenge: come up with an alcoholic version of everyone’s favorite childhood faux-cocktail: The Shirley Temple. Well guess what? We don’t take challenges lightly here at The Woman At The Bar, and so we set off to make this fantasy a reality.

And so, henceforth, this Hump Day, April 30th, shall be known as the day we officially unveiled the answer to all of your wildest dreams: The Shirley Temple Black.

Shirley Temple, man, she was one hell of a lady. First, she tap dances into everyone’s hearts, but then, as if being the first child star EVER isn’t enough, she grows up to become a badass diplomat, serving as the US Ambassador to both Ghana and the former Czechoslovakia. WHAT? Now that is one kick ass lady if I ever saw one, and although the naming rights to a delicious children’s drink was well deserved, we think she is owed a drink that lives up to her adult stature. Right? Right.

So, without further ado, you shall need:

photo 1 (76)

  • 2 oz traditional, barrel aged rum
  • aprox. 4 oz Sprite or 7Up
  • grenadine

Look guys, we thought about getting fancier with this (maybe some Luxardo? A dash of Grand Marnier for good measure?), and maybe someday we will, but the joy of a Shirley Temple is how damn elegant it is in its simplicity, so why rock the boat?

And hey, you guys got an awesome hump day quickie cocktail out of it, so who’s complaining?

Anyhoo–gather your ingredients plus your serving glass, 2 oz jigger, and bar spoon.

First, fill your serving glass with ice.

photo 2 (75)

Next, measure out your 2 oz of traditional rum (we used Mount Gay).

photo 3 (67)

photo 4 (62)









Now pour that deliciousness into your glass, and top it off with your lemon-lime soda of choice.

photo 1 (75)

Now, for the most important step: add in your grenadine! We are sure that, at this point in your lives, you have down the exact specifications for how much grenadine you like in your Shirley Temples, so you are at liberty to use your own judgment on this one.

photo 3 (66)

Now give that old gal a good stir, add in a maraschino or two (or ten, if you want to continue to live out your childhood fantasies–we won’t judge), and there you have it! We think Mrs. Temple-Black would be proud, don’t you?


photo 5 (34)

Good Ship Lollipop, indeed.

Have fun, kids 😉


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