Tuesday Tools & Tricks #5: The Flavor Bible!

photo 4 (60)

Happy Tuesday, readers! For this week’s Tools & Tricks we are giving you two for the price of one: something that is both a tool AND a trick!

The time has come for The Flavor Bible everyone, the time has come.

The Flavor Bible, which we mention on our Resources page, is–apologies for the sacrilege–the Bible for, you guessed it, flavors! The book is nearly 300 pages long, and each page includes a header of a specific food item, spice, or liquor with it’s taste breakdown and a list of their best flavor pairings. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I already know what tastes good together, this is dumb.” Well, we beg to differ.

photo 2 (73)

Would you have ever thought to put caramel and cumin together? Probably not. Do those two things actually work? Yep, yep they do.

This is the joy and genius of The Flavor Bible–once you look past the pairings that seem obvious to you, you will often find things that you would not expect, and that turn out to be amazing.

Often, when we are tinkering around with new drink ideas, we will crack this puppy open and flip through the pages for inspiration. Some of the best drinks are the most inventive and off the wall, and this book will open your mind to a million possibilities.

photo 1 (74)

Gin with apple brandy? Sure, why not!

photo 3 (65)

Man do we want to make a drink with bourbon, lemon, and peaches right now!

If you want to expand your horizons, and your palate, we highly recommend picking up a copy of this beast. It is a great resource to keep in your bar (and your kitchen!), and it will definitely teach you a lesson or two!

See, it really IS a bible.




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