Monday Funday #5: Grande Vanilla Latte

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It’s Monday, Monday, I-had-to-look-up-the-lyrics-to-this-song-so-I-could-parody-it Monday!

Well, now that that is over, welcome back everyone! We made it to the last Monday in April, are you excited? We know you are.

This week, we created a drink that focuses on one of our favorite things when it comes to drink-making: combining two different base liquors to create one great cocktail! So say hello to our most recent invention: The Grande Vanilla Latte!

So, you know how you have heard that when you go out you should limit yourself to one base liquor to avoid the potential for a serious case of The Hangovers? Do you instinctively balk at cocktails that are made using two or more liquors in the same drink? Well, please allow us to be the ones that stop the nonsense. Should you go out and alternate between vodka and tequila shots all night? No. Are there incredible drinks to be had that mix multiple liquors in one? YES!

It is a common misconception that you cannot mix multiple base liquors (like vodka and rum) in the same drink without it being a disaster–this is simply not the case! There are a whole lot of incredible drinks that mix some of the most unlikely liquor bedfellows, with astounding results. We here have both tasted and created many delicious drinks that combine two or more liquors you would not think would go together with great success, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

For this week’s drink, we used a vanilla latte as our inspiration, and made a vodka & rum collaboration for the ages! Since it is Monday, we know a lot of you need a little pick-me-up, and we are here to help! So, without further ado, to create your very own Grande Vanilla Latte you will need:

photo 4 (58)

  • 2 dashes chocolate bitters
  • 1 tspn Kahlua
  • 1 oz vanilla vodka (we prefer Stoli Vanil)
  • 1 oz traditional, barrel-aged rum
  • maraschino cherry, for garnish

First, gather all of your ingredients plus your jiggers, measuring spoons, mixing glass, bar spoon, and serving glass (preferably a coup).

Start by placing your 2 dashes of chocolate bitters into your mixing glass. Remember to hold your bitters bottle vertically directly over your glass–each shake is equal to one dash.

photo 3 (63)

photo 2 (71)









Next, add in your 1 teaspoon of Kahlua.

photo 5 (33)

photo 4 (59)









Lastly, add in 1 ounce each of traditional rum and vanilla vodka.

photo 3 (64)

photo 1 (73)









Once all of your ingredients are in your glass, fill it aprox. 3/4 full of ice, and use your bar spoon to vigorously stir for 30-60 seconds (or until the ice has melted down to the liquid line).













This drink is served up, so strain it directly into your serving glass, and then add your maraschino cherry to garnish!

photo 2 (70)

And there you have it! A far better vanilla latte than any you would get at your local Starbucks, we promise.

photo 1 (71)

Enjoy, everyone!

Happy Monday!





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